Those Crazy Dreams, Right?

You know when you wake up from a really crazy dream and just stare at the ceiling, trying to make sense of all the weirdness. That’s basically me every night. I can’t recall when I didn’t have a huge imagination but I think I’ve pinpointed a spot when I¬†finally recognized that my dreams were different than the ones my friends told me about. I’m sure you have crazy dreams too and I would love to hear them someday but for now… you’ve got to listen to mine.

A couple days after my 6th birthday, I remember having this crazy dream and when I woke up, I immediately ran to tell my parents. My dad had already left for work early but my mom was still in bed snoring when I shook her awake. I remember kneeling beside her bed and shaking her every time her eyes would start to close to be sure that she was listening to my dream. I remember her smiling as she sat up and told me that she loved how differently I saw the world.

Honestly, I’m not sure where this stuff comes from but somehow it gets in my head and my brain just goes mad all night, concocting some false reality. And the reason I am writing this now is because I’m tired of explaining it all to my friends. So now anyone and everyone can read about my dreams.

(And if any of you are psychologists, you’re going to have a lot of fun trying to pick my dreams apart.)



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