You can’t lose her. You can’t lose your sister. That was it. The only thoughts going through my mind as we raced to escape the compound were my mother’s last words. Tears blurred in my eyes as flashing red lights illuminated the white hallways. I could still feel her arms around me as she whispered… Read More Son


Maddie Slaine growled under her breath as she ripped her pillow out from under her head and slammed it on her face. She wanted so badly to scream but she couldn’t. It would be selfish of her to do so. It wasn’t his fault that he was suffering from something he had never wanted in the… Read More Monster

Intro & Entry 1A: August 20th

A Diary of Two Superheroes The following account is a compilation of diary and journal entries from two teenagers/superheroes/best friends/boyfriend and girlfriend. Forward Hey, this is Cody Santos speaking on behalf of myself and Annie Fitzgerald and together we are masked vigilantes. We’re not actual superheroes yet. We’re still training and until we finish it and turn… Read More Intro & Entry 1A: August 20th


Ida Toombs wished she would stop thinking that there was no way her life could get worse. She was lying on the cold, hard floor in a concrete shelter where all the injured were taken. She hated not being able to do anything to help but she was in too much pain to do anything… Read More Scars